How it works . . .

It really is quite simple but here's a breakdown for you anyway.

Here's how it all works . . .
There are 5 easy steps to follow.

Once the five steps are completed you’ll have a brand spanking new website ready for you to grow your business. Don’t forget you have unlimited edits and updates so feel free to email us with these changes.

Simply give us a call or request a call back and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. Horizon Creative is great for small-medium sized businesses but also start-ups and tradespeople. If we are a match then we’ll setup payment and away we go.

Once we are perfect for each other, our tech team will be in touch to discuss non-technical things. We’ll ask you about your business, colours, websites you like already and a few more.. That way we can build the website you want. If there is anything specific you’d like on your website just ask.

OK so now the fun begins (for us anyway). We’ll build your website generally within 5 days and let you know when it’s ready. We’ll use stock images to start with and write professional copy.

Take a look at your new website and let us know if you want anything changed. Generally our customers love their new websites but you may want to change some colours or images or even text, that’s fine! Just send us edits and we’ll change it. You get unlimited edits and changes anyway so no probs.

OK so you like your website, time to go live!
We’ll sort out the tech stuff like domains, hosting, email setup and SEO. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Websites are like riding a bike!

If you don't pedal it, you won't go anywhere.

So you have your fantastic looking website. Now you have to drive it to make your business grow.
We can help! We give you unlimited edits and updates and we’ll manage the website technical stuff,
that way you can focus on generating new content to grow your business.
Included in our package are the use of Social Media feeds such as Facebook and Instagram. These
allow you to add content to those platforms and it gets beamed to your website straight away. . . .like magic!

Take A Closer Look

We Design

When designing a website it needs to look and feel like it belongs to the business it represents. From conversations with you plus our own creative ideas we’ll design your website to best match what your business represents.

You'll receive . . .

We Write Copy

Every website needs written copy. It tells your story, let’s people in and creates an idea. For each website we design we write unique copy that is crafted to match your business idea and brand. It allows your customers to understand your products and services. 

You'll receive . . .

We Do Technical

Every website needs some amount of technical bits added to it to make it work. Horizon Creative will sort all this out for you so no technical knowledge is required on your part. The only thing we’ll need to know is your domain name preference.

You'll receive . . .
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